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Edu Assessment Pvt. Ltd. designs and provides the Smart Classroom Solution in India. Smart Classroom is modern, innovative and interactive teaching and learning environment that has available technological equipment to enhance the students' engagements. Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, e-learning software, audience response system, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.
We also offer Virtual Classroom solution, which enables you to provide training in a live environment over the Internet to participants, employees and other geographically distributed audiences. Virtual Classroom can be accessed on different devices such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone etc.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

  • Faster, easier and convenient to use-generally home-using gadget like laptop, monitor, network system, sound-system, headphone, microphone is used in smart classroom system.
  • Since learning is linked to photos, maps, images and animated videos, you as a student will be able to establish a strong connect with your faculty
  • Students need not to worry if they absent in live class. They can learn and watch Recording of live classes any time.
  • Smart classes which allow the faculty to impart education using PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, and video screenings and also through images.
  • Digital Tools Help Students Understand the Topic Better teacher need not to write more about topics they can share digital notes by CDs, pen Drive or simply by email pdf.
  • Ease of maintenance-Electronic gadgets use in smart classroom comes with low maintenance cost, need only one-time investment.
  • Go green with smart classroom- it reduces the use of pen- paper, student can learn their favorites topic without any printouts, photocopies

Smart calssroom solution Components


Ceiling Mounted Projector

A digital projector is connected to a computer and can project the files in the desktop on a large screen. It is a portable solution that helps to convert any clean & white surface into an interactive surface. We can use digital handy pen to draw, point or click just by touching the screen directly.

Desktop Laptop

In the smart classroom desktop or laptop act as a central system which stores the session that we have taught in the classroom and important information. It’s also essential for managing lessons. Share and receive data or any study materials.


Handsfree Microphone

Wireless microphone allows speaker or teacher to be hands free and make him more mobile. It makes our little and soft voice more clear, audible and noise free. So we no need to spent more energy on voice to make us audible to others


It send Your audio input to each corner of classroom so that all students can listen you or your audio input even students sitting at last bench, and catches each important point without missing a word.


Document Camera

Flexible document camera use to show any document on large screen. Document Camera makes Any smaller document visible to all students present in classroom. Its inbuilt features allow user to make Any docs more attractive.

Interactive Whiteboard

Replacing traditional blackboard with high technology touch-sensitive whiteboard and digital pen. A Teacher can project any image, document on touch-sensitive whiteboard. He can conduct any lesson using his finger and digital pen as well. With a lot of features, interactive whiteboard adds a sense of excitement to each classrooms session.


Exam View Assessment

Exam View is a powerful testing and assessment, which allows to create administer and deliver paper-based test series as well as assignment at any time using any internet enabled device. Using Exam View, can create a test in 14 different question formats. It allows user to create 26 version of a single test paper with scrambled questions and answer choices.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom is a solution by which students can learn anything from anywhere. There is no need of separate classroom and go to the Classroom. Tutor and students can share study material. They can save live class video for future. If any student can missed the class, need not to worry they can watch saved video of missing class.


Student Response System

student response system is best solution for learning and teaching. A teacher teaches a lesson and put any question related to that lesson, students use their separate response system to response. After closing polls teacher can analyze report instantly generated through response system software. After that they can repoll on same topic if required otherwise they move for further discussion.

Digital Podium

It is single point combining whole. We can control everything interactive projector, document camera, audio input/output system, interactive whiteboard through digital podium. It removes the wire mesh and hence classroom looks well organized.


Smart Classroom Solution to Fulfill Your Every Need

Deliver live classes, Share screens, Share video & docs, Save money, Save Time, Reduce workload, Feel Relax








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